The Science Behind BrainyAct®

Kinuu's BrainyAct® combines advanced technology, proven clinical programs and leading edge neuro-science into a personalized video game delivered directly into your home.

We address the underlying functions, commonly referred by neurologists as functional disconnection or brain imbalance. 90% of kids with ADD/HD and Dyslexia have a lower motor instability, such as balance and coordination. Motor skills are the necessary building blocks to learning and academic achievement. We focus on strengthening and integrating all motor brain movements; balance, gravity, gross motor, rhythm and timing, visual, fine motor, perceptual and memory, the same ones used in a classroom.

Corrective application of Neuroplasticity requires three components; identifying and targeting the weakness, precise movement combined with consistent repetition and instantaneous feedback. BrainyAct® combines these to produce faster, stronger and long lasting improvements in a shorter amount of time. BrainyAct® can measure and show parents real time progress.

We believe that you can activate your child's brain in ways you didn't know were possible.

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ACTIVATE BrainyAct® Core Circuit Programs

The centerpiece of our program is a revolutionary new video game called BrainyAct®. This fun to play video game activates the underdeveloped area of the brain by engaging the entire body. It's customized to each individual, response activated and has precise tracking allowing you to see progress in real time.

FUEL Programs and Body Health

The brain's primary two fuels are oxygen and glucose. There is no better way to boost your child's brain than to provide it with the necessary fuel. Integral to our program, we provide the resources and education to help you give your child the best fuel and proper nutrition for their brain to build new branches or repair cells that produce energy.

COMMUNITY Support and eCourses

Where there is frustration and the feeling of helplessness, we provide education and hope. As a subscriber to Kinuu's program, you will be a part of a community that offers eCourses, webinars, motivation and inspiration. Its our way of saying, together we can help each other. Activate + Fuel + Community.

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